Chops Barbershop serves up quality haircuts and beard trims. Well versed in classic and modern styles, we will help you find that enduring cut that best reflects you.

Our services typically run 15-20 minutes and we work hard to keep our haircuts consistent and wait times to a minimum. 

Transformative haircuts (going from really long to really short) often need more time, make sure you select the Transformative Cut at booking to allow for enough time. We offer shampoos upon request, just be sure to let your barber know.   


KiDS CUT 17 & under $15


BEARD, BANG, NECK TRIM $7, ea. as a solo service (included in any haircut service)

SHAMPOO $7 solo or $5 as an add on to any service

TRANSFORMATIVE CUT $28 any cut that creates a drastic transformation (from long to short), selecting this service will give your barber more time with you to create your new style

BLOWOUT $30 shampoo and blow out style

THE WORKS $45 includes a shampoo, any haircut and a blow out